EduPower Nordic Institute (ENI) is an innovation generator, which is powered by Lean thinking, creativity and co-operation. We have executed several projects in which companies and students have been acquainted with Lean principles, and developed the competitiveness and profitability of companies according to Lean thinking.

ENI has from the beginning had available an international education and development network. We have co-operation partners in Shanghai and in the Nordic countries, among others. Our network consists of learning institutions, companies, and experts. We can utilize the knowhow of our partners to also benefit our domestic customers.

ENI doesn't fight against windmills but for them. The project work is always based on the resources and requirements of the the company. In our cooperation with companies, we focus on tangible results, teamwork and the practical application of Lean methods.

ENI services include:

  • seminars
  • workshops
  • benchmarking
  • visits
  • training
  • consultation
  • projects

Courses and workshops:

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