Edupower Ltd Is a company founded in 2012 for Lean leadership consulting, education, and coaching. The company’s founder Kim Westerlund has earned his spurs in management tasks at a large company in the energy business. Furthermore, he has a long experience of international business and projects. The co-operation between companies and learning institutions has also always been close to Kim's heart.

Edupower Ltd familiarizes, coaches, and educates its customers in Lean leadership methods and tools. The aim is to reach a lasting jump in productivity in companies and organizations, and involve the entire personnel to reach the common goals. Edupower has made several successful Lean development projects for different companies in different branches.

Edupower Ltd works both in its home country and in selected foreign markets. The head office is located in the center of energy business, on the campus area of The University of Vaasa. The company also has offices in Turku and in Espoo.

Kim Westerlund: Certified Lean and Six Sigma Master Black Belt, M.Sc. (Eng.) in Energy Technology and Energy Economics