Through Lean leadership, we develop the competitiveness and profitability of the Finnish industry, service companies, and public sector. Among our other strengths are expertise within energy sector, as well as co-operation with universities, polytechnics, and other schools.

LEAN leadership

Lean leadership means removing unnecessary and non-value-adding work from the production of products and services. It can be removed from materials, ways to work, or the structure of a service. Concentrating on efficiency and quality leads to more satisfied customers and their profitability is improved. Lean leadership is also continuous learning and engaging the entire personnel to improve work and the work community.

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CEO Harri Hytönen,
Junkkari Oy

Three words that describe the experience working with EduPower:

  • Customer oriented
  • Flexibility
  • Commitment to value beyond the basic delivery
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Vice President Thomas Nyström,
Oy Prevex Ab

Three words that describe the experience working with EduPower:

  • Reliable
  • Innovative
  • Customer Oriented
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Quality and Development Director Kari Hautala,
MSK Plast Oy

Three words that describe the experience working with EduPower:

  • The interaction
  • Inspiring
  • Edupower’s competence/knowledge
Read more about the MSK Plast case


Edupower offers customized and productified Lean- and Lean Six Sigma-educational services. With these, companies, organizations, or people’s competence can be developed. There is a large selection of courses, workshops, and personal coaching at your disposal.


Lean Power is the Lean development program designed for companies or public sector. Lean Power is customized for each customer, and implemented through modular education, workshops, and personal coaching.
The aim of the Lean program for production is efficiency and quality. With Edupower Lean Six Sigma black belt -knowledge it is possible to measure and remove errors in production and produce quality more efficiently at a lower cost.
The aim of the Lean program for services is to produce better services and a more satisfied customer. This goal can be achieved by concentrating on customer point of view and avoiding unnecessary work and idle time in all service processes.
Leadership, continuous improvement, business structure and coaching.


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Edupower now offers recruitment service

Work needs to be done and no one available? We offer now production workers for your company’s needs cost-effectively through the EduWORK recruitment service.